What To Do Following A Motor Vehicle Accident

Below are some frequently asked questions pertaining to vehicle collisions.

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Accidents can be scary and at times traumatizing. Worst, they can be extremely expensive and cause serious injuries. Nobody anticipates being in a car accident and because they can happen to anyone, and the best defense is being prepared for what to do when they strike. Always make sure to seek medical attention from your primary care physician or a local chiropractor after being involved in an accident and then call a Sacramento car accident attorney for help.

Below are some frequently asked questions pertaining to vehicle collisions.

Q: I got into an accident. Do I have to stop?
A: YES! You do have to stop. According to California law, if you drive away after a motor vehicle accident, you could be charged with a hit and run even if the accident was NOT your fault. If it’s possible, pull to the side of the road and remember to turn your hazards on.

Q: Okay, so I stopped. What do I have to do?
A: You should exchange information with the other driver—your name and driver’s license number, the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the car you are driving, the name and address of the car’s owner, the name and address of your insurance company and your insurance policy number. You should call 911 if anyone was injured, and the police will draw up an investigation and a report.

Q: Let’s say I hit a parked car and I can’t find the owner. What do I do?
A: You can’t drive away until you leave all the above info in a conspicuous place on their car. You should also notify the police or CHP about the incident.

Q: What if I know the accident was my fault?
A: Do not admit fault at the scene. Discuss with your insurance agent because there may be additional information that you do not know. Stick to the facts when you talk to the police: saying you were driving 45 mph is much more convincing than saying you weren’t speeding.

Q: Do I need to have auto insurance?
A: California’s compulsory financial responsibility law requires that every driver and vehicle owner have insurance or other proof of financial responsibility. You must carry written evidence of financial responsibility whenever you drive. Most of the time, that’s an automobile insurance policy. Insurance policies are pretty tricky to understand so make sure to speak with a skilled attorney for advice!

Q: What should I do if the police writes me a ticket?
A: You must sign the ticket. You can be arrested if you do not sign your ticket, and the ticket is a promise to appear in court or pay the ticket. You may want to speak with your attorney before you take action on your ticket.

Q: What if the other driver is uninsured?
A: If the other driver caused the accident and is not insured, or the other driver’s insurance is not sufficient, your own policy can pay for your personal injuries—if you have underinsured motorist coverage. If you do not have these kinds of insurance or if your damages are more than the policy’s limit, you can sue the other driver with the help of an attorney. If you have collision coverage insurance, it will usually pay for the damage to your car, minus your deductible, no matter who is at fault in the accident.

Q: I got injured in the accident and I need medical attention. What do I do?
A: You may want to speak with your lawyer about the possibility of a personal injury case in the event that you’ve been injured in an accident and the other driver is at fault. If this sounds like your situation, please call today to explore the possibility of opening a case.

Car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and to anybody. Being prepared and knowing what to do after a car collision happens is very important, as well as what not to do. Learn more about What To Do After A Car Accident. Make sure you are ready to handle the unexpected and speak with a skilled Sacramento car accident attorney who can evaluate your case and decide the best course of legal action.


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