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San Francisco Criminal Lawyers & DUI Attorney

Having handled thousands of criminal defense cases from complex murder trials to more simple DUI cases and trespassing charges throughout the state, our attorneys have never forgotten that any conviction may change someone’s life. Having represented many professionals such as lawyers, law firms, doctors, nurses, contractors and businesses charged with crimes, we know how important this is to your professional and personal life. Our San Francisco defense attorneys search for every angle and every factor that may lessen a charge or lead to a dismissal. With vast experience in plea bargaining and trial, our defense lawyers know that only dedication and preparation of your case will lead to the best result.

Whether you believe that you are guilty or you know you are innocent, you need a good defense attorney. There is a misconception that only guilty people need a criminal defense attorney. While it is true that if you believe that you may be guilty you need an attorney to represent your rights, your need for an attorney is even greater if you believe you are innocent. Simply leaving it up to the system to figure out your innocence doesn’t unfortunately work. There are too many people that have lost their reputation and even freedom and were later determined to be innocent. All cases handled by our legal team are viewed with an eye to trial. We believe in working cases for the benefit of our clients. We know that leverage is the key to a successful negotiation. In criminal law, the most important leverage in negotiations a person has against the government is trial. Everything we do through investigation, motions, planning and research is to gain an advantage for our clients.

We will never bring a client to trial if we can gain a dismissal before trial. It is our goal in every case to demonstrate to the government the weaknesses of their case and convince the prosecuting attorney not to pursue criminal charges. We are adept at presenting the evidence that helps our clients.

Criminal Defense Lawyers & DUI Attorneys San Francisco CA

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city is considered the financial, economical, transportation and cultural center of the entire Bay Area. With a population of just over 800,000 the city of San Francisco is considered one of the most densely populated cities in the United States. The city traces its roots to somewhere around the year 1776 when Spanish colonists settled in the area. The Gold Rush days helped San Francisco grow to a where it became one of the largest cities on the west coast. Today the city of San Francisco in not only a top tourist destination but is also home to numerous financial and banking institutions which helped the city earn a distinction as being amongst the top producing cities in the world.

San Francisco has a unique government structure in that it is the only city to be consolidated with its county in California. In other words the city and county of San Francisco co-exist. The mayor of San Francisco is also the San Francisco County Executive and the people elected as the San Francisco Board of Supervisors also act as San Francisco City Counsel.

Law enforcement in San Francisco is mainly handled by the San Francisco police department. The department has had its share of controversies including the drug lab scandal of 2010 when an employee admitted to stealing cocaine. As a result many cases had to be dismissed.

The San Francisco sheriff’s department is a second law enforcement agency in San Francisco. Its main purpose is to operate the jails. The San Francisco sheriff’s department also provides security to many city government offices as well as to the San Francisco Superior court.

If you have been arrested or contacted by a law enforcement officer or detective in San Francisco or the surrounding areas, call our office right away for a consultation. At The Law Offices of John T. Bell our San Francisco criminal defense attorneys take a team approach to your legal problem and you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

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