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San Francisco Bay Area Social Security Attorney

Are you disabled and unable to work? Have you filed for Social Security Disability only to have your benefits denied? The important thing is that you retain an experienced attorney to assist you in your claim.

Disability can pose an insurmountable obstacle to earning a living and providing for your family. Social Security lawyer John T. Bell assists clients nationwide who face denied or delayed SSD benefits after an initial claim with the government.

The Law Offices of John T. Bell is prepared to help you navigate the Social Security system. We handle cases from the initial application stage through administrative hearings and federal court. With a skilled Social Security Disability benefits attorney at your side throughout the process, we will advocate on your behalf for the benefits you need. Fees for representation in these cases are set by the SSA.

The basis for winning your SSD claim is the accurate preparation of the application and the detailed presentation of your medical evidence of disability. Our attorneys and legal staff excel in these areas and leave no details unattended. Every client is different and has different needs. As your attorneys, below are just some of the things we may do to help you with your claims:

  1. Aid you in filling out all SSA forms
  2. Evaluate your claim and advise you on the law and your options
  3. Review your medical records and make suggestions for any additional testing required to prove your case
  4. Supplement your claim file with additional medical records
  5. File any appeals necessary and handle all SSA paperwork
  6. Obtain medical reports and opinion evidence regarding your disability
  7. Consult with qualified Vocational Experts to get opinion evidence rebutting the ALJ called Vocational Experts
  8. Obtain and develop evidence regarding your “Residual Functional Capacity” that is the key to your disability claim
  9. Correctly calculate your SSD benefits
  10. File a legal brief arguing the legal, medical and vocational issues in your case
  11. File a lawsuit in Federal Court if necessary
  12. Filing your motion for summary judgment and responding to the government’s motion for summary judgment filed against you.


The Law Offices of John T. Bell is prepared to help you navigate the Social Security system. Contact us using this form or call (510) 895-4044 and speak with an aggressive advocate who knows how to protect your rights in the court system.